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Leave with a venture ready business.

September 2020 Collaboration


SEPTEMBER 21 TO 24 2020


The Hyper Accelerator is a rare, hyper virtual experience designed to bring together entrepreneurs and founders that want to grow from a “rough draft” to venture ready.

Step into a totally personalized “Retreat Experience” with one-on-one mentoring for you and your business idea from our team.

Learn through content delivery, coaching, and hands-on workshops.

Avoid distractions and noise and tap into high level brain-power, non-stop inspiration, and the experience of other successful entrepreneurs.

Walk away with a company you can start on day 5.

Connect with other entrepreneurs and founders dedicated to launching their companies.

And so, so much more!

Space is limited to 12 Startups.   Up to 4 founders for each startup can attend.

A collaboration with Foothills Venture Accelerator.



Have you ever wondered how to start a venture ready business and successfully raise capital?

Understand the formula to attracting investors and creating a venture ready business. We will be giving you these proven strategies, step-by-step.

You Will Walk Away From This “Online Hyper Accelerator” With a venture ready business, capital raise materials,  and a capital raise strategy.

Your vision and strategic plan to catapult your business.

Start building your sales pipeline to create a revenue-focused company.

How to attract a team that gives 100% commitment and passion toward your big vision and leads it to success.

The new systems, processes, and strategies that you must put in place to attract investors.

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Signs That You Are Ready:

You’re trapped in the entrepreneurial twilight zone … don’t know where to start but have lots of ideas.

You want to start building a customer base and revenue.

You’re ready to achieve a much greater level of success and turn your vision into reality.

You have started the business planning phase but are stuck.

Your company is looking to raise capital.

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Price: $ 1,995.00
$ 0.00


Day 1

Open Networking

Ideation and Vision

Capital Raise and Investor Relations Strategies

Hands on workshop: Deliverable – Go To Market Concept

Open Brainstorming Session

Day 2

Strategic Planning

Hands on Workshop: Deliverable – Strategic Document,

Funding and Capital Requirements

Hands on workshop: Ideal investor profile

Day 3:

Go to market vision

Financial Modeling

Hands on workshop: Deliverables: Written strategic marketing plan and Pro-Form Model

Day 4:

Marketing Materials
Web page
Reference Content

Hand on Workshop : Deliverables:  Content strategy,  marketing messaging, investor resource checklist

Day 5:

Office Hours

1 on 1 sessions

Here’s what you get:

Leave with a venture ready business.

Hosting, Domain and Email for 1 year.

A realistic valuation and capital table.

Pro Forma financials.

Investor resources (Pitch Deck, FAQs, One Pager, and more).

A capital raise strategy.

A go to market vision.

Accelerated knowledge.

Real time support.


Space is limited to 12 Startups.   Up to 4 founders for each startup can attend.

All of this for $1995 USD.


Foothills Venture Accelerator is located at 16035 Table Mountain Parkway Golden, Colorado


We have been the early adopters of innovation. For years we have incorporated a real-time, engagement-oriented approach to maintaining and extending investor relationships throughout the capital raise life cycle.

By using marketing automation in our capital raise strategy, we help our clients streamline their investor lead generation, investor trust nurturing, and reduce the cost of the capital raise.

Expect three core benefits: better investor pipeline, more productive meetings, and streamlined capital raise efforts.


“I have immense respect for Gregory and his team. He’s one of the brightest people I know. Intelligent, intuitive, hardworking, and an all-around phenomenal guy.  He’s got what it takes to take something average and turn it into something great. He sets goals. He exceeds them. He gets things done with his drive, his commitment, his insight. The honor remains truly mine to work with Aspen Capital Fund. He pushes just enough and is a joy to work with. They are my #1 asset.”


Aspen Capital fund Client Testimonial - Douglas

“Aspen Capital Fund helped me prepare for a capital raise. The system was incredibly helpful, and the team was hardworking, somehow completing at least a week’s worth of work in just a couple of days. By listening thoughtfully, the team was able to organize my presentation with clarity, and the Aspen Capital Fund business experience provided me with great insight and an informed outsider’s perspective. Thanks.”


Find out how we can introduce your great opportunity to a qualified investor.