Our clients enjoy a full spectrum of services directed at adding (worth) to thier business.

Aspen Capital Fund develops clothing and apparel for clients based in the Rocky Mountains.   We can help with prototypes, duplicates, and pilot lots. Our experienced team can help product development from a conceptual idea or from your existing specifications or hard copy pattern.

Our experience can become invaluable when it comes to breaking down and pricing a new apparel endeavor.  We are able to provide independent ideas to enhance your marketing strategy.

Our Lean approach to manufacturing allows designers and small business owners to operate within their means. Taking a small scale approach involves everything from scrutinizing the amount of fabric and supplies you purchase to deciding how many products/styles you should launch with.

Aspen Capital Fund  and our lean approach can:

More efficiently test the market and gauge consumer feedback

Reduce the risk of excess inventory

Help with a more agile supply chain

Can provide shorter lead teams

Help to get your product off the ground sooner

Lower production costs could mean you can turn a profit earlier

Apparel & Brand Contract Manufacturing

Fragrance & Brand Contract Manufacturing