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Aspen Capital Fund provides customized resources to build a compelling and complete capital raise strategy.

First timers to established businesses.

Execute a successful capital raise.

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Aspen Capital Fund 2020


The mentor education from Aspen Capital Fund is uniquely to help you prepare a successful capital raise and investor relations strategy.

  • Get a detailed overview of what various types of investors expect and want.
  • Learn how to recognize High Net Worth private investors, family offices, and institutional investors.
  • Avoid trial and error and learn to attract investors through an investor funnel.
  • Get meetings and close new investors.Get a competitive advantage using coaching, resources, and
    knowledge you will get in the investor accelerator.

In the mentor education, you will work alongside as many as 14 additional entrepreneurs that are either startups or existing companies. The course creates, collaborations, and opportunities for meaningful connections will build life-long relationships. You will have lifetime access to the mentor education groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Best Aspen Capital Fund 2020

Capital Raise Strategy

Build a capital raising and investor relations system for success.

Venture Readiness Workshop

Covers 99 Points.
Built for first time business owners or no revenue startups.

Insider’s Guide

Our The Insider’s Guide to Attracting Investors comprises of what we at Aspen Capital Fund see every day in the winners and losers, why some businesses attract investors others don’t.

“I have immense respect for Gregory and his team. He’s one of the brightest people I know. Intelligent, intuitive, hardworking, and an all-around phenomenal guy.  He’s got what it takes to take something average and turn it into something great. He sets goals. He exceeds them. He gets things done with his drive, his commitment, his insight. The honor remains truly mine to work with Aspen Capital Fund. He pushes just enough and is a joy to work with. They are my #1 asset.”


We work with first time entrepreneurs, established business owners and investors.  Aspen Capital Fund connects their clients with capital by helping them understand the underlying process and requirements of building a successful capital raise strategy.

Identify and reach direct investors,  family offices, angels, funds, institutions and other qualified investors.

We provide advice, education and experience to attract investors and venture capital for first timers, startups and established businesses in Denver, Colorado.

Aspen Capital fund Client Testimonial - Douglas

“Aspen Capital Fund helped me prepare for a capital raise. The system was incredibly helpful, and the team was hardworking, somehow completing at least a week’s worth of work in just a couple of days. By listening thoughtfully, the team was able to organize my presentation with clarity, and the Aspen Capital Fund business experience provided me with great insight and an informed outsider’s perspective. Thanks.”


Find out how we can introduce your great opportunity to a qualified investor.