Aspen Capital Fund



** Aspen Capital Fund performs with Sports, Media & Technology.**

Denver, Colorado

January 7,  2016

Aspen Capital Fund announced today that it will continue its expansion into Sports, Media & Technology leading with its assets, Pro Rugby Agency and  Aspen Capital Fund will continue forward with Aspen Enterprise Fund which will focus solely on Sports, Media & Technology.

Aspen Capital Fund (ACF) began exploring sports opportunities in 2011.   ACF aggressively invested in online media and began building Pro Rugby Agency,  simultaneously working to rebuild Jupiternetwork. v 

“The companies we have purposed for sports and specifically rugby have turned out to be a tremendous opportunity, gaining global traction.” Comments Gregory Tanner Founder of ACF.

Aspen Capital Fund ( continues market & competitive analysis, implementation, management and operations support for Sports, Media & Technology subsidiaries.   ACF will build a new fund “Aspen Enterprise Fund” specifically for sports ventures.

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Aspen Capital Fund is a closely held Hispanic family owned business located in Colorado.  Our focus is to build minority enterprises and individual success stories.  We work directly in supporting young, innovative businesses.  We work indirectly by supporting the community and families that can improve how businesses can grow.  Our network of family, friends and partners offers some of the smartest and experienced business information and expertise available to the Hispanic and Minority communities.  We strive to be trusted business advisers for business owners and families.