Aspen Capital Fund sponsors Startup Scrimmage - Aspen Capital Fund

Aspen Capital Fund sponsors Startup Scrimmage to create greater access for startups.  Aspen Capital Fund has helped to develop an online platform where founders can pitch anytime, everyday from anywhere in the world.  The platform is available at  and is open to anyone looking to pitch their idea.

How it works:

Startups, Founders and Entrepreneurs submit their pitch virtually.

Investors review pitches weekly.

Investors follow-up with founders they’re interested in about 5 days.

About Aspen Capital Fund

At Aspen Capital Fund we connect our clients with capital by helping them understand the underlying process and requirements of building a successful capital raise strategy.

The customized capital raise strategy provides a modern approach and key resources to build a compelling and complete capital formation campaign.  Get direct feedback and resources on how to improve your chances of meetings and deals. Incorporate investors into your network on all levels using successful marketing strategies that will reduce that friction and speed up your flywheel.


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