Our talented team and our attitude toward risk-taking make us uniquely qualified to exploit the opportunities that arise from disrupting the status quo. We provide the objective insights and real-world expertise required to design, analyze, and deploy new products and inventions. From concept to completion, we translate ideas into action, identifying concrete milestones, implementing pragmatic approaches, and building new business ideas from the ground up.

Along those lines, we’ve created a structured, iterative methodology designed to enhance our clients’ performance and accelerate their return on investment.

Our step-by-step process is as follows:

1.    Evaluate new ideas and inventions. When our clients ask us to bring a promising idea or invention to life, we launch initial discovery efforts. We investigate the underlying business concept and perform preliminary research on company and product viability, product positioning, key success factors, and financial needs.

2.    Prepare a client proposal for opportunities that have commercial viability. We quickly determine if an idea or invention is viable and if an investment in that idea or invention has the potential to generate a sufficient return. If an idea is commercially viable, we prepare a client proposal that outlines details about our relationship with that client and about the next steps that need to be taken.

3.    Perform in-depth market research and competitive analysis. We evaluate the overall market for the product, recent and anticipated changes in the market, existing market segments, target market and customers, and customer needs and characteristics. In addition, we perform a competitive analysis to analyze industry trends, the nature of the competition, recent and anticipated changes in the industry, competitive products and services, opportunities, threats, and risks.

4.    Create an implementation strategy. As part of our strategic planning efforts, we perform due diligence, then finalize our strategic positioning and risk assessment. Further, we develop a formal business plan that incorporates (1) information about key competitive capabilities and weaknesses and (2) an implementation strategy, complete with milestones and an exit plan.

5.    Create a management and operations plan for the business. We guide our clients in human resources planning (the selection and hiring of key personnel and company management) and in the development of a sound facility management and organizational structure. We also implement documented product delivery processes, implement customer service and support procedures, and provide advisory board services.

6.    Develop and implement a marketing and sales strategy. We help our clients develop product and company identity/branding materials (such as logos, business cards, and letterhead), formulate corporate image campaigns, design websites and other marketing collateral, and manage search engine optimization and internet marketing campaigns. We also develop company-customer and company-prospect publicity and communications (such as newsletters, blogs, and forums), as well as coordinate conference and tradeshow attendance.

7.    Develop the idea, innovation, invention, or process improvement. We coordinate product design, engineering, and prototyping efforts. In addition, we develop 3D renderings, source local and/or overseas manufacturers, and facilitate focus groups, surveys, and marketing tests.

8.    Develop and implement manufacturing, licensing, and distribution strategies. We perform intellectual property and licensing evaluation, manufacturer research, and materials development, as well as make presentations to manufacturers, facilitate business-manufacturer relationships, and negotiate deals.