Aspen Capital Fund

How does Aspen Capital Fund keep deals going?

“We can't take this on with old school  tactics," comments Gregory Tanner founder of Aspen Capital Fund in Denver, Colorado . "We need to embrace our technological capabilities and support the idea of rapid rebound #rapidrebound  and use what separates our company...

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6 Strategies You can Use to Meet More Investors

1. In half a dozen ways uniquely customize your pitch, office setting, team, materials, branding, marketing and your time investment to that specific niche type of investor. This will make it easier to get the meeting and close. 2. Write carefully written 1-2 sentence...

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Make the most of your WFH with email.

Make the most of your WFH with email. We’ve convinced over 500 direct investors to look at our startup opportunities .How? Cold emails.  Specifically, cold emails that follow an established capital raise and investor relations strategy.  And get this,...

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Aspen Capital fund Client Testimonial - Douglas

“Aspen Capital Fund helped me prepare for a capital raise. The system was incredibly helpful, and the team was hardworking, somehow completing at least a week’s worth of work in just a couple of days. By listening thoughtfully, the team was able to organize my presentation with clarity, and the Aspen Capital Fund business experience provided me with great insight and an informed outsider’s perspective. Thanks.”