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How Business Structure Affects Capital Fundraising

Fundraising can be the single most important factor when you’re in the infancy stage of your business. This procedure sets a clear path for your startup, effectively determining whether it has the potential to truly grow in the future. Appropriate funding...

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Aspen Capital Fund sponsors Startup Scrimmage

Aspen Capital Fund sponsors Startup Scrimmage to create greater access for startups.  Aspen Capital Fund has helped to develop an online platform where founders can pitch anytime, everyday from anywhere in the world.  The platform is available at...

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Hispanic Startup Weekend

Hispanic Startup Weekend offers free exposure, inspiration, and education. Hispanic Startup Weekend observes the explosive opportunity that Hispanic startups, Hispanic owned and led businesses offer.  The event connects all types of organizations from across the...

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Aspen Capital fund Client Testimonial - Douglas
“Aspen Capital Fund helped me prepare for a capital raise. The system was incredibly helpful, and the team was hardworking, somehow completing at least a week’s worth of work in just a couple of days. By listening thoughtfully, the team was able to organize my presentation with clarity, and the Aspen Capital Fund business experience provided me with great insight and an informed outsider’s perspective. Thanks.”