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Direct Investing

There are many types of private investors that participate in the direct investment marketplace, with different objectives, capabilities and characteristics.

We can help you as an investor discover opportunities that match your focus.

We can help direct investors with exceptional deal origination, a defined investment thesis, sophisticated due diligence and analysis, terms, and structural best practices. Direct Investing.

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Aspen Capital Fund is uniquely positioned to lead the development of the nascent capital raise and investor relations strategy niche for Hispanic-owned businesses.  Aspen Capital Fund provides unmatched levels of support for fundamentally strong, undervalued, small business and startups that lack the necessary resources for a successful capital raise.  Aspen Capital Fund is also uniquely qualified to introduce its best deal flow candidates to direct investors (angels, early stage investors, venture capitalists, family offices).  Aspen Capital Fund has established expertise and subject matter expertise on Hispanic Minority- Owned Ventures, Structures and (Hispanic direct investing) Investment Opportunities.


A minority group member is an individual who is a U.S. citizen with at least 1/4 or 25% minimum (documentation to support claim of 25% required from applicant) of the following  – A U.S. citizen of true-born Hispanic heritage, from any of the Spanish-speaking areas of the following regions: Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean Basin only. Brazilians (Afro-Brazilian, indigenous/Indian only) shall be listed under Hispanic designation for review and certification purposes.

In particular, we magnify opportunities for Hispanic owned businesses. Aspen Capital Fund effects a capital raise and investor relations strategy through a proven investment accelerator.

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