“We can’t take this on with old school  tactics,” comments Gregory Tanner founder of Aspen Capital Fund in Denver, Colorado .

“We need to embrace our technological capabilities and support the idea of rapid rebound #rapidrebound  and use what separates our company from the rest of our competitors, a positive attitude,  grit and the use of marketing automation, technology and social media.  By making small technology changes we can unleash the power of our network, creators and investors in this uncertain time.”

The business community is taking drastic measures in defense against the spread of the novel COVID-19; in-person meetings have lurched to a halt and companies are scrambling to operate in teams remotely and maintain business as usual.

At Aspen Capital Fund we have been using digital dealmaking tools to magnify our client’s opportunities by:

  • Helping them find investors outside of their direct network;
  • Helping them find investors in different geographical locations;
  • Reducing travel time and wasted resources on in-person meetings; and
  • Magnifying opportunities to investors through marketing automation, expanding to a global reach and improving the overall quality of the marketing of the capital raise.
  • Some of our tactics for digital fundraising we have seen include:
  • Using our CRM functionality to manage the investor pipeline and the investor journey. We use links that can be embedded in text, email or Webinar communications.
  • Transforming all collateral to be digital-first, and including a Aspen Capital Funds “Immerse and Converse” link behind an “invest now” button.

In times of uncertainty, prospective and existing investors will benefit from frequent, timely touchpoints and updates. We create an  investor details page that tracks interaction and responses to these updates, so you know what communication is effectively moving investors through your funnel.

We offer increasing team engagement -minimizing back and forth by ensuring all team members have access to information on investors and raise progress.

As we take social distancing measures, we are challenged to find new ways to unite as a global community towards a solution. Technology has the ability to increase the sophistication with which we operate. Many of today’s technology giants were forged in recessionary times, and it is evident already that successful companies and businesses are taking the necessary steps now to secure their future and keep their workforce safe.

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