How to get meetings with investors without an existing relationship or introduction.

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you have something excellent to offer but you don’t understand the process of doing a capital raise.

Most companies fail at doing a capital raise, because they simply don’t know how to execute the capital raise and investor relations strategy.   Most plan to raise capital the old-fashioned way, starting with friends and family and then cold calling investors and slowly networking in local circles to form new relationships.   In other words, heavily depending on luck and doing a lot of trial and error.

I provide customize resources to build a compelling and complete capital raise strategy.

Startups fail.

Most fail to get off the ground because they don’t understand how to get from point A to point B.  From idea, to capitalized (funded) business. Few businesses have any systems to do the capital raise. Most rely on family friends and personal network.

In my many years as an entrepreneur, I learned that there is a big gap in knowledge and experience in how to do a successful capital raise. I have been fortunate enough to have learned during formal education, work experience the venture capital industry, and hundreds of meetings and contacts.

The difficulty isn’t finding capital, it’s the lack of knowledge on the process of how to successfully GET the capital. Gathering this knowledge can take a tremendous amount of time and trial and error.

If you want to:

  1. Avoid trial and error and expensive mistakes.
  2. Find investors and build your own network of investors to tap into.
  3. Build a strategy to influence and attract investors through a defined process.
  4. Position yourself in the flow of qualified investors.

At Aspen Capital Fund we have a free Capital Raise Strategy Workbook that offers what I outline here.

Who is your ideal investor?

Start with understanding who your ideal investor is and what they look like.  When you start it might be a “friends and family” round,  but when you start to raise larger amounts you might seek a certain type of Angel or VC. Your ideal investor is a well-defined picture of the exact type of investor from which you hope to raise capital.  With that ideal investor in mind you can focus your opportunity to attract this profile.

Build an investor funnel.

An investor funnel is simply a series of intellectual property assets, forms of exposure, and relationship building sources that all lead to more qualified inquiries to meet with you face-to-face or to invest in your company. Think “customer journey” with a focus on your ideal investor profile.  This includes a process to build your authority in your industry, creating your niche and showing off your idea or business.

Incorporate investors into your network on all levels.

Work on linking up and connecting with investors on social media.   Sharing your exposure on social media and promoting the opportunity and taking your ideal investor through the journey of your opportunity.

Move into the modern era.

Combine CRM and marketing automation so that you can incorporate investors into your network on all levels. With marketing automation, you and make your content adaptive and personalized.  You can inform potential investors and more importantly build your own network.  More importantly you can plan, build relationships, educate potential clients, and design high-quality marketing strategies and materials for the long term.

Build a quality team of advisors.

It’s a game of who you know.   A quality team of advisors can be instrumental to the success of your capital raise.  An advisor that has a developed network of angel investors and that can introduce you to them heightens your level for winning deals.

The difficulty isn’t finding capital, it’s the lack of knowledge on the process of how to successfully GET the capital. Gathering this knowledge can take a tremendous amount of time and trial and error.

Find people that will help you and coach you through this process so that you can avoid a lot of trial and error and expensive mistakes.

If you want to learn more, we offer a lot of free resources at Aspen Capital Fund.  I suggest joining our Facebook Group  to get tips and meet others that are raising capital.