The Insider's Network

The Insider’s Network

Welcome to the Insiders Network at Aspen Capital Fund.  We are thrilled you’re here.

We can only guess, you most likely here because:

You’re working really hard to raise money for your business.
You’ve got BIG aspirations and think that your startup business is worthy of investment, but you’re unsure of where to start.
You’ve got an incredible business, but you don’t have the knowledge and experience to attract investors.
Whatever your reason is, know this – you’re already one step closer!

You’re about to learn about what investors want to see….

Our Capital Raise Starter Kit comprises of what we at Aspen Capital Fund see every day in the winners and losers, why some businesses attract investors others don’t.  This guide addresses the problems that are repeated due to the lack of experience and knowledge.

You’ll find out what pitfalls to avoid and what is necessary to start attracting investors.

We have taken what we have learned at Aspen Capital Fund through formal education, work experience in the venture capital industry, and hundreds of meetings and contacts – and put it into the Capital Raise Starter Kit.

Let’s get started, shall we?

>>Click here to download your copy of the Capital Raise Starter Kit.<<

I will be following up to hear your thoughts and share more ways to get your startup off the ground floor.

Greg Tanner
Founder Aspen Capital Fund




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