Modern Marketing Supply


Denver, Colorado

May 2017  

Aspen Capital Fund today announced that it has acquired Modern Marketing Supply.  Modern Marketing Supply is a full service digital agency that offers integrated marketing consulting and extended brand services. The firm specializes in strategy consulting and management consulting surrounding digital (web, social media, search and video).

Greg Tanner, Managing Partner said that Aspen Capital Fund has spent the past two years growing it’s portfolio of businesses.

“Modern Marketing Supply offers the core services that businesses require to start, grow and thrive,  a modern strategic and professional approach fit’s perfect in our culture at Aspen Capital Fund.  The services that Modern Marketing Supply offers are critical for helping businesses grow and be profitable,” Tanner said in a statement. “It seemed that owning a digital agency was necessary to our strategy for our portfolio growth and our push into sports, media and technology.”


Aspen Capital Fund is a closely held Hispanic family owned business located in Colorado.  Our focus is to build minority enterprises and individual success stories.  We work directly in supporting young, innovative businesses.  We work indirectly by supporting the community and families that can improve how businesses can grow.  Our network of family, friends and partners offers some of the smartest and experienced business information and expertise available to the Hispanic and Minority communities.  We strive to be trusted business advisers for business owners and families.


Modern Marketing Supply is a full service digital agency that offers the perfect balance of skills, experiences and industrial expertise to create your brand story.  We offer bespoke strategy and personal attention to our selected client partners.