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How can a startup business consultant help me?

  • We can provide crucial insights and efficient solutions to start-ups and established companies.

  • We can be an additional talent resource for short-term and long-term projects and objectives.

  • We can make a significant, positive impact on business growth goals.

  • We work to improve your business through skills, unique experiences and industrial expertise.

We quickly link ideas to reality.


Venture Capital Services

We provide advisory and professional services with a specific focus on how to raise venture capital.   We work to educate our clients on ways to finance business in a variety of mediums such as angel funding, private placement, or traditional debt structures.  We offer hands on fundraising support from Investor Recommendations, Pitch Decks,  and Investor Identification.


Creative Marketing

Our team has the right blend of expertise, experience, and technical savvy. With extensive hands on Web 2.0, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and Core Adobe Creative Cloud skills, we strive to offer beautiful creative, on-point strategy, and well-placed media to influence your core consumer.


Operational Support

Our experts can help your business operate more efficiently, effectively, and profitably. We offer deep expertise across all back-office functions including finance, sales, marketing, procurement, and information technology.  We have a core IT transformation consulting service that supports creating a value-driven IT organization.


Business Development Support

As experts with an extensive professional network we have worked with early stage and established companies in all areas of new business development.  Our experience is used to help open doors, gain mind share and strike new business.

Greg Tanner is the Founder of Aspen Capital Fund.  He offers 29 Years of startup and established business experience.  Greg offers a perfect balance of technical skills, unique experiences and business expertise.  He specializes in projects requiring a hands-on approach and the demands of creating and developing experiences, story lines and services for brands.  His timing, strategic vision, execution and core skills have been honed to the highest level.  Greg has an unparalleled ability to communicate strategy and execute vision to completion in the most professional manner.

Angelo Tanner is a Senior Impact Consultant.  Angelo has had first-hand experience in building businesses from the ground floor. Angelo has over 15+ years’ experience managing and directing business operations relating to strategic startup, technology execution, and business development. He provides hands on development, support and strategy experience to clients of all sizes. He has been a trusted advisor to companies, advising businesses on how to grow, scale, mature for both short- and long-term business needs. He has served as a senior team member to globally recognized brands. His roles have included CEO, COO, CTO, Sales and Business Development.

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