The inconvenient truth behind why Hispanic entrepreneurs aren’t landing venture capital.

The idea of approaching an angel or venture capital firm is very distant in the mind of the average Hispanic entrepreneur.

As a Hispanic myself, I was fortunate enough to have been exposed to how to meet investors and raise capital.  Whether it was through formal education, work experience in the venture capital industry, or the hundreds of meetings and contacts – I was aware and exposed to the process.

The biggest reason that the venture backed Hispanic founder is so rare is because there is simply a significantly less percentage of Hispanics walking into pitch rooms and meeting investors.

The exposure and awareness are just not there.  Without that visibility it’s easy to just say well they don’t exist, it’s a pipeline problem.

And we all know the process is never even taught to most Hispanic entrepreneurs. It’s a glaring inequality in the world of venture capital.

What is holding Hispanics back from taking the simple steps to landing venture capital?

Over the years I have searched for the reasons.   Recently, I uncovered a whole range of cultural beliefs that keep Hispanic entrepreneurs from finding investors, getting meetings and landing deals.

Here are three simple things,

First, get out of our own way – eliminate the few cultural beliefs that prevent us from using our strengths.

Second, we need to understand the process of doing a successful capital raise and making the most of those resources.

Third, we need courage and the willingness to step up and claim our position as an entrepreneurial and economic force in American society.

Connecting the Hispanic entrepreneurs to venture capital.

Hispanics are creating businesses at double the rate of non-Hispanics.  It is no surprise that these new businesses will be looking for resources to get started.  Aspen Capital Fund helps these companies do successful capital raise and investor relations strategies.  It’s is one of the few companies offering capital raise resources that targets this fast-growing professional market segment.

“We see deals and opportunities that other investors don’t see because we have a Hispanic network and experience that most don’t recognize.”

Gregory Tanner, Founder of Aspen Capital Fund highlights the advantage he has.  “We see deals and opportunities that other investors don’t see because we have a Hispanic network and experience that most don’t recognize.”

This segment of U.S. business is attractive to investors (angels, venture capital, High Net Worth Individuals, family offices) because of the financial clout the Hispanic business owner carries.  The GDP produced by Hispanic businesses now ranks 8th in the world.  Impressive numbers such as that make this segment very attractive.

Get direct feedback and resources on how to improve your chances of meetings and deals.

The difficulty isn’t finding capital, it’s the lack of knowledge on the process of how to successfully GET the capital. Gathering this knowledge can take a tremendous amount of time and trial and error.

If you want to:

  1. Avoid trial and error and expensive mistakes.
  2. Find investors and build your own network of investors to tap into.
  3. Build a strategy to influence and attract investors through a defined process.
  4. Position yourself in the flow of qualified investors.

I am uniquely prepared to help Hispanic entrepreneurs do successful capital raise and introduce them to qualified investors through the investor accelerator at Aspen Capital Fund.

In the investor accelerator you will learn how to connect with your ideal investor and how to streamline the process. You will learn how to connect with investors, conduct meetings, raise capital and prepare marketing materials to get in front of investors.

About Aspen Capital Fund

We work with first time entrepreneurs, established business owners and investors.  Aspen Capital Fund connects their clients with capital by helping them understand the underlying process and requirements of building a successful capital raise strategy.

We provide advice, education and experience to attract investors and venture capital.