1 or NONE of entrepreneurs doing capital raise is doing an investor funnel – think about that.

The customized capital raise strategy provides a modern approach and key resources to build a compelling and complete capital formation campaign.  By using a digital strategy, you dramatically improve your chances of meetings and deals.  Speed up your flywheel by using successful marketing strategies and incorporating investors into your network on all levels.

Aspen Capital Fund is uniquely prepared to help you prepare a successful capital raise and investor relations strategy using an investor funnel.

Score introductions to active and qualified investors.

Be the centerpiece of a discussion.

Avoid trial and error and learn to attract investors through an investor funnel.

Use “Immerse and Converse™” to close deals.

Build Brand credibility and use thought leadership to magnify your opportunity.

Get a detailed overview of what various types of investors expect and want.

Learn how to recognize High Net Worth private investors, family offices, and institutional investors.

Get advice and recommendation from an industry insider.

Get meetings and close new investors. Get a competitive advantage using coaching, resources, and services only offered from Aspen Capital Fund.



The whole point of building an investor funnel is to build your credibility and authority. People listen to doctors because they are thought to have great authority. There are many signs of authority having written a book on a topic, the clothes you wear, the education you have, the track record you have, your investment returns, where your office is based, your place in society, etc. Thought leadership assets are the quickest way to build up authority in a space, by speaking publicly, writing whitepapers, publishing the #1 book on your niche or sub-niche topic, you can build up authority very quickly and do so in a genuine way were you deserve to have authority because you have interviewed every expert in your niche and helped document models of operating in the area. The more authority you can build, the more influential you will become and the nice part is that if you do so using thought leadership, you also happen to attract prospects (investors) that never would have heard of you otherwise, so it not only influences existing relationships, but creates new ones as a byproduct.

Find out how we can introduce your great opportunity to a qualified investor.