The Prosperity Workshop. “Prosperidad Workshop”

The Prosperity Workshop.  “Prosperidad Workshop”

Anyone who wants to realize their full economic potential and improve their standard of living is encouraged to attend this workshop.   If you want to feel more confident and work towards your goals in 2018 this workshop is for you.  You will understand how to make the most of your time and why time is your most important asset.  Become inspired and confident with a clear understanding of how to realize financial goals and how to start to build your wealth.    Learn to attract the level of success you seek through self-improvement.   This workshop combines common entrepreneurship and investing themes combined with self-improvement topics to leave attendees inspired and prepared to make 2018 a prosperous year.

The workshop is now offered FREE virtually.

At Aspen Capital Fund Four Corners-Conference Room – Cherry Creek

3773 Cherry Creek North Drive, Suite 575, Denver, CO, 80209, US

Space is limited to 6 individuals per 1-hour session.  Reserve your spot early.


FREE – Courtesy of Aspen Capital Fund.

Whatever wealth you want to create, create it now.  Whether it is more vacations or thinking about retiring.  There is no better time than now to take that leap.   In our Prosperity Workshop you will learn to become the best you can be in 2018.


How to plan for your future.
How to seize opportunities.
Tools to start saving on a small budget.
How to use Insurance to your advantage.
How to save for buying a home, college or starting a business.
How to save for retirement.

Understand how to build a nest egg for things from buying a home to retirement.   We use common language and simple terms so that you will be comfortable building your personal plan.

About Gregory Tanner

Gregory Tanner is the Founder & Manager of Aspen Capital Fund. He helps entrepreneurs and business owners understand more about how startups source and receive investments.  He empowers minority entrepreneurs by helping them understand the underlying economics of a new business.

He has used his experience through mergers and acquisitions to build his business since 1991. Gregory is a leading impact consultant and influencer on Hispanic luxury, rugby and minority venture capital.  Prior to founding Aspen Capital Fund, he created and developed strategy and investment theory at Vydrogen.


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