Aspen Capital Fund builds brands, influential companies and individual success stories.


Aspen Capital Fund is a family of companies.  This family of companies was established to bring together key companies that have a significant individual and a synergistic impact on business operations and the ability to accelerate scalable growth for our clients.



Startup businesses require very special services and support.  This special stage of business requires fast thinking, quick results and most importantly customer acquisition. Aspen Capital Fund has extensive experience in developing strategy to build customer base and revenue.  We offer real world resources that you can apply to your business.  We comprehensively use traditional experience, online media, social media marketing strategies, and competitive analysis in quick and agile environments.

At Aspen Capital Fund we look at the business from a chief executive’s perspective.  We can provide value across boundaries combining branding, sales, operations, technology and business strategies.  We build startups to growth businesses by combining the resources of Midnight Oil Corporation, Social Media Marketing, and Impact Consulting.


We work for innovative organizations to help them run the “business” behind their operations, so they can focus on what they do best.

Our expert leadership and advice can help to transform fledgling businesses into influential companies. Drawing upon a variety of diverse skills and experience, we offer entrepreneurs the comprehensive support they need to grow in a digital era.

Fast-paced and entrepreneurial. We’re here when you need a mentor, hands-on leader or a team to get you to the next level.Our experience is used to help open doors, gain mind share and strike new business.

Gregory Tanner

Since 1991 I have been building companies. I have developed strategic solutions for startup funding, marketing, and growth. During the era, I have learned through formal education, mentors and experience how to best use the internet and social media to create influence and accelerate growth for businesses. I continue to improve and broaden my knowledge. I am the founder and active Managing Partner at Aspen Capital Fund providing consulting and strategic engagement to clients.

Angelo Tanner

I have been a serial entrepreneur and operator for over 15 years.   I have experience of building startup businesses and using technology extensively in operations.  I am a trusted advisor to my clients.  I build strategies to grow, scale and mature businesses.  I offer expertise on best in class technology management.   I am a Managing Director at Aspen Capital Fund and President of Midnght Oil Corporation where I am an Impact Consultant focusing on making companies Venture Ready.

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