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We are working on launching a series of educational products to teach Hispanic Starups, Minority Startups and Women Startups  the process for raising money for their young firms.





“Our Venture Capital education products and services addresses a real need for these Minority and Hispanic entrepreneurs.  It is important to understand the process of how to set up your company, how to pitch, and most importantly how the whole process works. Many entrepreneurs miss opportunities because they don’t have knowledge of the process.   Raising money for a business requires knowing how to do it, when to do it and what to expect.”






Until we launch we are offering the Insider’s Guide to Attract Investors for FREE.  The E-Book covers want investors look for and  how to reach them.



In our Insider’s Guide you will learn:

  • Insider’s thought on entrepreneurs that are fundable.

  • How to pitch properly to investors.

  • Why you need an exit strategy.

  • Investment criteria.

  • The SMART Money. Why you want it.  How you get it.