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Aspen Capital Fund invests in North American companies with owner earnings of $50,000 to $1.5Million per year. As a support ecosystem we provide advice, education,and experience.


About Aspen Capital Fund

Our core values of Honesty, Citizenship, Knowledge, Spirituality, and Achievement help build a unique and scarce deal flow of the best prepared investment opportunities on a global scale.

The investment universe is ever more complex and competitive. Investments must be sourced globally, from a variety of channels. Connectivity, wisdom and intelligence are essential, as are vigilance and a healthy dose of skepticism. Rigorous analysis supports everything we do, all built around our proprietary Metrica methodology.

We are able to bring clients “early look” opportunities not available elsewhere. Using our full resources and expertise, we carefully construct bespoke portfolios that correspond to our clients’ singular needs.

Focus on Emerging Wealth

We have also built an expertise in guiding the next generation of high-level wage earners, as they embark on their own journey of discovering how they wish to impact the world in which they live and work.

A Hispanic focus.

Aspen Capital Fund provides capital raise resources to help connect Hispanic startups and existing Hispanic businesses with investors.

We are uniquely positioned to lead the development of the nascent capital raise and investor relations strategy niche for Hispanic-owned businesses.  Aspen Capital Fund provides unmatched levels of support for fundamentally strong, undervalued, small business and startups that lack the necessary resources for a successful capital raise.  Aspen Capital Fund is also uniquely qualified to introduce its best deal flow candidates to direct investors (angels, early stage investors, venture capitalists, family offices).  Aspen Capital Fund has established expertise and subject matter expertise on Hispanic Minority- Owned Ventures, Structures and (Hispanic Direct Investing) Investment Opportunities.

Who We Are

Simple Capital Structure

We are investing out of Aspen Capital Fund III, a committed capital fund with a 15-year time horizon.

People as a Priority

We have a strict “no assholes” policy, which allows for transparent communications, little drama, and no politics.


We’re (almost) always available to advise, assist, or consult with our companies’ leadership. We want to help if we can be helpful. Our communication frequency ranges from day-to-day in challenging or high-growth times, to quarterly board meetings when the sailing’s smooth.

Responsibly Modern

We view technology as an enabling force, when appropriate. We’re neither scared of it, nor obsessed with it.  It can improve customer service, employee communication, and business processes. Or it can be a big distraction.

Intentional Prioritization of Resources

We like to keep things as simple as possible. The Aspen Capital Fund team is as small as it can be, allowing us to avoid hierarchy and decision paralysis.

How We Support Our Portfolio

Our role varies depending on needs, team, and state of growth. In addition to providing financial resources, we provide support through:

Financial Systems & Compliance

We help create reporting systems that provide company leadership with important and actionable information – and better ensure the company stays on top of the ever-changing compliance landscape.

Marketing & Lead Generation

We help to evaluate and, if needed, establish marketing funnels that ensure more customers find the company, building education and trust, and make purchases.


We help leadership evaluate technology needs and applications, as well as the proper implementation.

Network of Specialists and Experts

This isn’t our first rodeo, so we know a few people across industries and disciplines. We frequently make connections when needs arise.

Greg Tanner is a private investor, with a long-term orientation, interested in lower market businesses and Hispanic organizations, where he can be positively impactful by using his experiences, time, and capital. Greg is the founder of Hispanic Startup Weekend. Hispanic Startup Weekend is a unique event where entrepreneurs from the Hispanic community can come together to get answers to business challenges, meet peers and talk with mentors.

Greg has been involved with over 80 startups.

Currently Growing/Exited:

Founder of Jupiternetwork, a super-regional IT managed service provider serving 1000 clients before selling to what is now Accenture.

Currently growing Jupiternetwork Domains, a hosting, domains and email provider focusing on startups.

Building Mexunir,  es la plataforma que permite a los fabricantes mexicanos establecer acceso directo a los clientes, habilitar las ventas y brindar un compromiso continuo a los clientes en los EE. UU.

Building Sonora Crickets, a  cricket farm in Sonora, Mexico selling to Latin America and North America.

Growing Cynthetic Systems, a national Cybersecurity as a Service providing manage, detect and respond services.

Founder of TannerGonzalez, The World’s First Hispanic Luxury Brand, selling luxury leather accessories for the Hispanic market.

Failed or Closed – Fitness MP3 Application (awaiting pivot).

The Triathlon Experience, triathlon travel business (closed after 6 years).

Impressions Dental Spa, dental spa focusing on hygiene only (part of a merger into a dental spa group).

National Rugby Show, a weekly rugby show (failed).

Rugged Rugby Tour, national touring rugby tournaments (failed during the Pandemic).

Before founding Aspen Capital Fund, Greg developed the investment thesis at Vydrogen.  In 2008, he successfully exited from his company Jupiternetwork who was one of the most recognized technology firms in the Rocky Mountain region.

In addition to being an adviser, Greg does standup comedy. You can occasionally see him at an open mic in Denver, Colorado.  Often, you can catch some of his humor in his work.

Jeffrey Campos has a rich history of developing partnerships with industry, community, and government leaders that drive revenue gains under strict market and budgetary restraints, he was appointed as the Executive Director for Global Chamber Denver in late 2015. Campos looks forward in connecting Denver’s leaders, companies and communities in more successful cross-border trade and investment to accelerate global business growth, increase community success to change the world.

Campos is also the current CEO of Elite Advantage LLC, a Consulting, Marketing & PR Firm created in 2011 with a multicultural view that covers the full spectrum of communications, marketing, public relations and community outreach for client companies operating across a diverse list of industries and economic sectors locally and globally.

Prior to starting his own marketing & consulting firm, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver Board of Directors selected Jeffrey Campos as the President & CEO in March 2005. Through his leadership, the chamber grew to be one of the largest Hispanic Chambers in the country and the second largest chamber in the State of Colorado. He was also instrumental in  connecting Hispanic Businesses and leadership with the Metro Denver business community through public policy and business development initiatives.

A dedicated leader in business, civic and charitable organizations, Campos has previously served as a board member of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Museo De Las Americas, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Denver Hispanic Chamber, Denver Metro Chamber, Phoenix Chamber, Colorado Women’s Chamber, Rocky Mountain Junior Achievement, Shaka Franklin Foundation and the Urban League of Metro Denver. He also served as Chairman of the Denver Metro Chamber Foundation. During his tenure as the Hispanic Chamber President, Campos has also dedicated his time to assisting other community and non-profit organizations. He was a member of the Visit Denver Board of Directors, Colorado Boxing Commissioner, Denver Housing Authority Commissioner, Metro State President’s Advisory Committee, Live Well Colorado Board of Director and Co-Chaired both Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s transition team for Economic Development.

Currently serving as a Board Member for Innovative Health Solutions, Council Member for the US District Export Council and Advisory Counsel for US Global Leadership Coalition. Originally from Chicago, Illinois and a graduate of the city’s Loyola University, Campos relocated to Denver with his wife and two daughters. This dedicated leader also finds the time to enjoy Colorado’s abundant outdoor activities.

Angelo Tanner  is a Managing Director at Aspen Capital Fund |President of Midnight Oil Corporation. 

As an entrepreneur Angelo has had first-hand experience in building businesses from the ground floor. Angelo has over 15+ years’ experience managing and directing technological operations relating to strategic technology planning, execution, and development. He has served as a senior team member to globally recognized brands. His roles have included CEO, COO, Sales and Business Development. Angelo is a Subject Matter Expert on the impact of digital technology in general and the sports, media, and technology sectors in particular. Angelo provides hands on development, support and strategy experience to clients of all sizes.   Angelo has participated as a senior team member and consulted to business regarding technology issues, and implementation for short and long term business needs and has developed enterprise structure for growth and agility.  He has moved companies from high cost, inefficient infrastructure systems to high value and highly efficient systems.

Angelo was instrumental in building and reviving the Jupiternetwork brand. Angelo was on the frontline when Jupiternet was started in 1999 as the first employee and facilitated the merger with 3T Systems in 2008. Angelo created the brand, team and network of people to create one of the most recognized businesses in the Rocky Mountain Region.  He currently is the President of the Midnight Oil Corporation.  He is heavily involved in music management and technology platforms and currently manages Halo Management .

Angelo is a graduate of the University of Denver.


There 4.4 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S. that contribute more than $700 billion to the economy annually as of 2019 (8th largest GDP in the world). Hispanics have the highest entrepreneurship rates of any US ethnic group creating 33,000 startups per year. Hispanic Americans run about 1 out of every 7 businesses in the United States today.

Hispanic businesses grew 40.2% from 2012 to 2018 – more than twice the 18.8% growth of other U.S. firms.   There are 4.7 million Hispanic owned companies in the United States of the 33 million total U.S. businesses.