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Aspen Capital Fund invests in North American companies with owner earnings of $50,000 to $1.5Million per year. As a support ecosystem we provide advice, education,and experience.



Aspen Capital Fund



Self-made entrepreneurs. 

Founder support. 

Aspen Capital Fund is a closely held firm with a focus on identifying start-ups and growth companies with well-defined market demand and great entrepreneurial talent and top teams that exhibit high growth/profit potential.

We are looking for businesses that consistently solve a meaningful problem and were patiently built over decades. Their clients, communities, and employees trust their reliability, integrity, and craftsmanship. They won’t disappear with trends, or fads. The problems they solve existed two decades ago, and will exist two decades from now.


We work with businesses that are mature and steady, consistently helping their customers and contributing to their communities. We partner with existing ownership looking toward retirement and/or expansion.

These companies have a rich history and are usually family-owned, with a durable market position, a longstanding customer base, and reliable internal operations. Enabled by these strengths, the existing ownership is making $50,000 to $1.5 million in “owner earnings” each year, meaning cash left over after all expenses have been paid and necessary reinvestments have been made.

Aspen Capital Fund partners with owners to form a plan for the future, which may involve Aspen Capital Fund buying the company outright, or by forming a new partnership with some, or all, of existing ownership staying involved.

As a minority owned firm, we envision a community where dedicated and competent entrepreneurs have access to the opportunities and resources they need to thrive.












Investor Advisory

There are many types of angel investors that participate in the direct investment marketplace, with different objectives, capabilities and characteristics.

We can help you as an investor discover opportunities that match your focus.

Debt Capital

We offer unsecured credit lines at 0% interest for 9 to 15 months through our partner network.

Capital Raise Advisory

Learn what insiders know: our process teaches you how to visualize, architect and build a process for a successful capital raise.

Capital Raise as a Service

Attract investors, get meetings and close funding quicker using our capital raise as a service.